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XpressMed Urgent Care was founded by two physicians with the premise that Urgent Care medicine should be efficient, convenient, affordable and delivered with the highest quality in a caring manner. We pride ourselves that XpressMed has been built from the ground up with these guiding principles in mind.


XpressMed Urgent Care was created by two physicians with the single goal to give the best quality of care in the most expedient fashion possible. We truly believe that each and every patient who comes into our sphere of influence should be treated as a loyal customer who has entrusted the most important aspects of their lives to us, their health and their time. We strive to be more than just another urgent care business but rather a company who is part of our patients' lives and the communities in which we serve.

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Here at XpressMed we see ourselves as the leader in the Urgent Care industry as we are never comfortable standing still or following the footsteps of others. We are on a national mission to open facilities across the US within the next few years. As we live out our dream to become your national urgent care company we will always strive to maintain our local commitments to the communities which we serve and to the patients who have entrusted their health to us.

Ali Sadeghi, M.D

Physician / Co-Founder

Misty LeLeux

Operational Manager